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After completing the food hygiene course whether it’s online or in a physical classroom the next step would be to attempt the food and hygiene test. The test covers all food safety topics as food poisoning pest control, cleaning, personal hygiene etc. You will then be given 30 minutes to try and complete the multiple choice questions.

The questions will vary in difficulty depending on the level of certification you’re trying to achieve for example a level 2 food hygiene certificate generally requires basic knowledge of food safety whereas the level 3 certificate requires a much more in-depth understanding of healthy food handling techniques.

After completing the multiple choice questions your test will be graded instantly and if you achieve 70% or higher you will then be deemed competent in good food hygiene practices. If you do not achieve 70% you have the option to review the questions and course materials then retake the test at no additional fee.

What you need to know to pass the basic food hygiene test

Passing the basic food hygiene test is a fairly simple process considering you have a good grasp of the topics covered in the training course. The test consists of 30 multiple choice questions and the passmark is 70%, it’s all done online and you will get an instant grade to know if you pass. For those not meeting the minimum pass mark you will have the opportunity to reassess your questions and reattempt the test without having to pay an extra fee.

When taking the food hygiene test you will be required to have a good understanding about food poisoning and the measures you can take to reduce food poisoning from occurring. These play a big part of the test as it is such an important matter.

Personal hygiene is another topic you will be required to have a good grasp about when taking the food hygiene test. Again this plays a big part of the test as it is an issue that can be easily overlooked.

Food storage and cooking temperatures are also a part of the basic food hygiene test as you are required to know correct temperatures for cooking and storing food to reduce and eliminate the risk of bacteria spreading.

Questions about bacteriology and how to eliminate the risk of bacteria spreading will also appear on the food hygiene test.

Pest control and how to maintain a pest free working environment will also be highlighted in the test.

There will also be a few questions on cleaning and disinfecting. This will test your knowledge on correct cleaning techniques to prevent cross contamination of bacteria when cleaning your equipment and working surroundings.

Finally you will also be tested on what the law requires from every food handler. This ensures that every food handler regardless if you’re in the retail, catering or manufacturing sector knows his or her legal responsibility when it comes to food safety.

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